Pidmail spam filter, Spam blocker
Anti spam

Spam filter - Eliminate spam with PidMail

PidMail spam filter, use Pidkey technology and automatically blocks 100% of spam, allowing only legitimate emails through. The current version is available for Windows XP Outlook Express. Pidkey Anti spam for Skype is available!

Pidmail spam blocker with Pidkey anti spam filter technology - How does it work?

  1. Access to your mailbox protected by an exclusive pidkey anti spam filter technology. Your give your key to third party to authorize them to send you emails.
  2. PidMail automatically allows you to receive emails from contacts already in your address book. Anyone else who do not have your PidKey must be identified in order to send you emails.

PidMail spam blocker automatically updates your "safe senders" list as you add and remove contacts from your address book. learn more...

Installation instructions

  1. Download PidMail Spam filter
  2. Save the software installer on your computer
  3. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard
  4. That's it, your mailbox is now protected